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Research Participation Opportunity

Victoria University, Melbourne Australia is commencing a study about the general health and wellbeing of people within three groups.  One group will be those with both narcolepsy and cataplexy. Cataplexy is a sudden loss of muscle tone, often triggered by…

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SLEEP IN 2015 Wrap-Up & Acknowledgements

THANK YOU to all our amazing participants and generous supporters who made #SLEEPIN2015 a huge success! The funds and awareness you raised will make a huge difference in helping Project Sleep to fulfill our mission into the future.  Here we present some…

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Sleep Walk Austin 2015 Raises Awareness during National Sleep Awareness Week

On Saturday March 7, 2015 at 11:00 a.m., Project Sleep hosted the second annual Sleep Walk Austin event at Pease District Park. This event celebrated sleep health & sleep disorder awareness on Suddenly Sleepy Saturday/National Narcolepsy Day! Local event host, Elaine, gave opening remarks...
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March 8th: SLEEP IN 2015 Performance by Kendall Patrick and The Headless Bettys

Project Sleep is thrilled to present a live webcast performance by Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys for SLEEP IN 2015! Tune in Sunday, March 8th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST on Google Hangout to rock out with other…

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project sleep covers sleep in color corrected

10 Fun Activities to do During our 2015 SLEEP IN

Are you participating in the first-ever international SLEEP IN on March 6th-8th but not sure what you’re going to do in bed all day?  There’s actually a ton of great things to do when you take a break from the hustle and…

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Sleep Disorders, Primary Care, and the Patient Voice

The current issue of the American Journal of Medicine features a unique and insightful commentary by Project Sleep president Julie Flygare and Dr. Sairam Parthasarathy, Director of the University of Arizona Center for Sleep Disorders.  Their piece explains how moving…

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5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Sleepy People

Finished your holiday shopping?  If so, please try your best not to brag about it, and save this list for birthdays.  If you’re like me, you will be doing some eleventh hour Amazon shopping.  The two great things about Amazon…

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3 Easy Ways to Support Project Sleep on Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday, want to help Project Sleep?  If so, thank you so very much (yay!), and here are three super simple, fun ways to do it: 1.  Didn’t finish your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday? If you like using…

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10 Great Resources for Willis-Ekbom Disease/Restless Legs Syndrome

We’ve assembled a list of our favorite Willis-Ekbom Disease (or Restless Legs Syndrome) resources, from books to support groups. WEB (1) Willis-Ekbom Disease Foundation The Willis-Ekbom Disease Foundation website provides a wide array of resources for patients and providers, from basic diagnosis and treatment information to…

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Children and Nightmares… Is a Bad Dream Bad? – Guest Post by Dr. Jose Colon

Questions about nightmares in children are a common subject on Paradise Sleep. Origins and definitions of nightmare are vast. But to simplify I would call a nightmare a bad dream, everybody has had bad dreams at one time or another….

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