Alida’s Story with Sleep Apnea: Join Us this Saturday

Please join us this Saturday, July 18th at 12:00 noon ET for a special FB Live featuring Alida Abdullah sharing her story with sleep apnea, in conversation with Julie Flygare, Project Sleep’s President & CEO. To tune in live, visit Project Sleep’s Facebook page at 12 noon ET.

The live video will show up in our feed. If you do not see it, refresh your browser a few times. Also, the broadcast will be recorded and available afterward.

Meet Alida

Alida Abdullah is a wife, mother of four, and teacher living in the Atlanta area. She was initially diagnosed with sleep apnea 10 years ago, but didn’t understand the severity of the disorder until more recently, when she learned of the many other health issues that sleep apnea can cause. She is sharing her story to help raise awareness of under-diagnosed but serious sleep conditions like sleep apnea and how they can affect other areas of people’s lives.

Conversations on Sleep, Race and Health Disparities

This is the first of a series of important conversations Project Sleep will host on Sleep, Race and Health Disparities. Last month, Project Sleep made a statement condemning racism and committing to do our part.

Project Sleep’s pledges include:

  • Listen and learn, and then act intentionally to help reduce racism, bias, and barriers to healthcare access.
  • Highlight sleep research focused on race, racism, and sleep and health disparities, as well as advocate for more research in this area.
  • Deliberately work toward increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of our leadership community, including our board of directors and volunteer advocates.
  • Elevate powerful and important Black voices of the sleep community.

We believe progress often happens story by story; community by community. This is why we are absolutely thrilled to kick off this new series of conversations by highlighting a powerful story of first-hand lived experience. You won’t want to miss Alida sharing about her experience from early symptoms to diagnosis and managing today.

What Else Should We Cover?

Have ideas for other perspectives or topics to feature in this series? Let us know by emailing us at

Please spread the word about this online event. Thank you!

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