Dr. Meredith Broderick: 2022 Women’s History Month Sleep Leaders Part 2

March is Women’s History Month! Project Sleep is proud to celebrate the vital role of women in the sleep community through a series of feature profiles.

Meet Dr. Meredith Broderick!

Dr. Meredith Broderick, MD, is triple-board-certified in neurology, sleep medicine, and behavioral sleep medicine. Not only is she one of the only physicians in the country to hold this combination of certifications, Dr. Broderick is also one of only 175 behavioral sleep medicine specialists worldwide—3 of whom we’re featuring this month!

After practicing conventional medicine for over a decade, Dr. Broderick founded Sound Sleep Guru, a holistic sleep medicine practice in Bellevue, WA, to provide a medical space where trust, education, patience, and emotional connection are just as important as one’s sleep diagnosis. They offer telehealth to those in Washington, California, and Alaska.

Focus on quality and the quantity will come. Everything you need to sleep well is already right inside of you.”

– Dr. Meredith Broderick via Sound Sleep Guru

Dr. Broderick uses her extensive conventional medicine background to provide both allopathic (pharmacological) and behavioral sleep medicine. She incorporates the latest evidence-based research to create customized sleep plans that minimize the use of medications. A mix of personalized care, tools, and support helps her patients get to the root of their chronic sleep problems.  

Additionally, Dr. Broderick values education. Both in her practice and in the media, she helps people debunk sleep myths and empowers them to care for their sleep needs. You can find her expertise featured in podcast interviews and articles for sites like Nike and Sleep.com

Written by Anna Marr. Graphic by Eleanor Wales.

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