Giving Sleep a Voice on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, February 25, 2019, patient advocates and sleep researchers joined together on Capitol Hill in Washington DC to educate policy makers about the importance of sleep health and sleep disorders. This Hill Day, co-led by the Sleep Research Society and Project Sleep, was part of our collaboration and ongoing efforts to advocate for sleep research and awareness.  

Why Raise Our Voices for Sleep?

While scientists are making breakthroughs to better understand sleep’s vital role, it is critical that these findings reach people and improve lives.

Thus, our advocates spoke to legislators about the importance of funding translational research to improve outcomes for people with sleep conditions. In addition, we stressed the importance of public and professional sleep education to improve public health and reduce delays in diagnosing sleep conditions.

“Combining the power of the patient voice with the passion of the research community creates such a wonderful synergy,” described Julie Flygare, J.D., President & CEO of Project Sleep. “It was so energizing to advocate alongside this dream team to advance progress together.”

Special Thanks to this Dream Team

A huge thank you to the Sleep Research Society for this amazing collaboration over the past three years now. Special thanks to the enthusiastic and insightful researchers, patient advocates and Narcolepsy Network representatives who dedicated their time and energy to join us in this effort. We hope to continue expanding our efforts – starting small but gaining momentum!

Your Voice Matters

Our work does NOT end with a fancy photo on the Capitol steps. We have many more steps to go to reach our goals. Your support from across the country is absolutely essential to overcome the challenges that the sleep community currently faces. Check out our President & CEO, Julie Flygare’s re-cap of her full DC activities.

Our Advocacy Day Album:

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