Julie Flygare Speaking at the 2022 World Sleep Congress in Rome, Italy

Project Sleep’s President and CEO, Julie Flygare, will speak at the 2022 World Sleep Congress taking place March 11-16, 2022, in Rome, Italy.

Julie will present new research findings on “Narcolepsy in Cinema” during the course, “Art History and Humanities in Sleep: Morning Course and Walking Tour of Museum” on Friday, March 11, 2022. This special course focuses on how sleep and sleep medicine have intersected with the arts, literature, and the Bible.

Narcolepsy in Cinema Presentation Summary

For many individuals, cinematic depictions of narcolepsy may be their only exposure to the symptoms and impacts of the condition. Thus, representations of narcolepsy in movies and TV shows provide valuable insight into public perceptions and understanding of narcolepsy. In this talk, Ms. Flygare will present new research findings from a recent systematic analysis of film and television portrayals of narcolepsy. The presentation will explore both the accuracy of these representations along with how these portrayals may influence people living with narcolepsy’s self-perceptions and social interactions. Medical professionals, narcolepsy advocates, and non-profit organizations will benefit from being aware of popular media portrayals of narcolepsy, joining the conversation as much as possible, and talking openly about how cinematic representations may differ from first-hand patient experience.

Learning Objective

Attendees will be able to identify representations of narcolepsy in popular media and be prepared to discuss with patients how the representations may differ from first-hand patient experience.

I am beyond excited for this opportunity to discuss one of my favorite topics (narcolepsy + cinema) in one of my favorite cities.

– Julie Flygare

Julie’s co-panelists include renowned sleep leaders, Dr. Sonia Ancoli-Israel and Dr. Meir Kryger, speaking on Sleep in the Bible and Sleep in Art and Literature, respectively. Learn more about the course session here.

World Sleep 2022 is a global scientific congress that brings together the best of sleep medicine and research for multiple days of talks and sessions. World Sleep presents a unique opportunity for sleep medicine professionals to network and learn from the best minds in sleep and medicine research. To learn more about World Sleep, click here.

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