Not Alone with Narcolepsy: Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month

Today kicks off Mental Health Awareness Month and here at Project Sleep, we believe that mental health and sleep health are closely intertwined. We also believe that both mental health and sleep health are critical and underrated in our society.

Living with Narcolepsy? You Are Not Alone.

During challenging times, connection is more important than ever. Some people with narcolepsy crave connection, others are reluctant to meet fellow people with narcolepsy. In this video, our Rising Voices of Narcolepsy speakers & Julie Flygare, Project Sleep’s President & CEO, talk about their paths to finding community.

Each person’s journey is unique and all paths are valid. Your experience is valid, no matter where you are on your journey. Please share this video to help us fight stigma and remind everyone that, whatever the struggle, you are NOT ALONE.

Where To Find Support?

If you are looking for additional support, please know that there are various online and in-person opportunities depending on where you live and how you feel comfortable connecting. Speaking with a trained therapist can be very helpful, too.

This May,  join Project Sleep each Sunday at 8pm ET for our live Story Sharing Series. Also, see people with narcolepsy and supporters from around the world in our Narcolepsy: Not Alone campaign.

Please check out these wonderful organizations for additional support opportunities:

What is Rising Voices of Narcolepsy?

RISING VOICES OF NARCOLEPSY℠ is Project Sleep’s leadership training program to raise awareness about #narcolepsy while also empowering a new generation of patient advocates sharing their stories via writing and speaking.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO SERIES: While our trained speakers are delivering 20-minute presentations in-person to audiences across the U.S. and internationally, we brought a few speakers together to adapt their presentations into this video series, so that their stories can reach more people around the world. Watch more videos.

More on Sleep and Mental Health:

READ: Anne Taylor, RN, BSN

Project Sleep Board of Directors

“How Lack of Sleep Affected My Daughter’s Mental Health”

WATCH: Michael Grandner, PhD

Sleep Health Expert, University of Arizona

“The most overlooked benefit of sleep is mental health.”

This May 2020’s Mental Health Awareness Month, please know you are part of an amazing community and we are so grateful you are here!

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