Podcast: Your Environment & Sleep Disparities with Dr. Dayna Johnson

The Project Sleep Podcast – Sleep Insights Series Ep. 3

When talking about creating a healthy sleep environment, we often assume that things like light, temperature, safety, and our sleep schedules are all within our personal control. In this podcast episode, Dr. Dayna Johnson talks about important and under-discussed factors influencing people’s ability to get a good night’s sleep and how policies can shape our individual behaviors, sleep, and overall health.

About Dr. Johnson

Dr. Dayna Johnson, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Johnson’s research has uncovered much about the social contributors to racial and gender disparities in sleep by assessing the effects of social, household-level and neighborhood-level factors in correlation with insufficient sleep.

Read more about Dr. Johnson in her 2022 Black History Month Sleep Leaders profile.

This discussion was originally recorded as part of Project Sleep’s annual Sleep In 2021 event in March 2021. Learn more: https://project-sleep.com/sleepin/

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