Sleep Apnea Story Sharing: Meet Gary

Our Rising Voices Story Sharing Series continued with sleep apnea advocate Gary Knight! Gary shared his story of living with undiagnosed sleep apnea for 15 years, and how finally being diagnosed and treated helped him change his life and empower others to do the same. Emma Cooksey, creator of the Sleep Apnea Stories podcast and member of Project Sleep’s Expert Advisory Board, hosted this live event.

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About Gary:

Gary Knight is a professional gardener and keen photographer from the UK. He was diagnosed at age 50 with obstructive sleep apnea. Gary runs the Southern UK Sleep Apnoea and CPAP Facebook group and aims to help as many people as possible through awareness and experience of this serious sleep disorder.
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What is the Story Sharing Series?

The Rising Voices Story Sharing Series invites viewers to gather online to watch a Rising Voices trained speaker or writer present their story live via Project Sleep’s Facebook page.

About Rising Voices Speakers:

To improve public understanding of sleep disorders, Project Sleep’s Rising Voices program trains people with sleep disorders to share their stories through public speaking and writing with local communities, healthcare providers, news outlets, blogs and beyond. Combining the power of real-life stories with expert communication strategies, our Rising Voices trained speakers and writers are effectively raising awareness and reducing stigma for all those facing sleep disorders.

Spread the Word:

We’re excited to share these moving stories with you.  Watch all past storytellers now!

Please share with friends and family to raise awareness about sleep disorders!

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  • Emma, if there was a way to send a notification to remind me that would be great. It would work out perfectly as I am done seeing patients by 2pm, I could then get on this podcast. Best, Ivan Valcarenghi, DDS, FAGD, D.ABDSM

    • Lauren Oglesby
      April 20, 2023 11:05 am

      Hi Dr. Ivan, we’ve added an “Add to Calendar” button above – please add this event to your calendar and you’ll get a reminder 1 hour before the broadcast. Thank you for your support!


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