What Is Sleep Equity?

Kicking off Black History Month, Project Sleep is excited to talk about sleep equity and how it relates to Black Americans. In our mission, sleep equity is one of Project Sleep’s main focuses for improving public health, along with sleep health and sleep disorders. So, what exactly is sleep equity?

Sleep equity is the state in which everyone, regardless of their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, geographic location, or socio-economic status, has an equal opportunity, based on their need, to obtain an amount and quality of sleep that promotes physical and mental well-being.

Why focus on equity? When conditions and circumstances are very different, equal treatment does not necessarily produce equitable outcomes. Applying an equity lens to sleep means understanding and addressing additional barriers to healthy sleep for many groups of people, particularly those in minoritized communities.

At a basic human rights level, we want to make healthy sleep available equally for all people.

– Dr. Dayna Johnson, Everyday Health

We look forward to discussing sleep equity this month and beyond. For more on this topic, check out our page dedicated to sleep equity.

During previous year’s Black History Month celebrations, we highlighted incredible accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans from across the sleep field—from scientists to advocates.

This year, Project Sleep is exploring the topic of sleep equity and how it affects Black Americans. Please join us by learning about and raising awareness of sleep equity!

Black History Month is not only a time for recognition, but also an opportunity to reflect on progress yet to be made and to reaffirm our commitment to social justice and equity. Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to contact your Members of Congress to help advance our sleep health disparities policy recommendations.

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