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Announcing the New NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE Website

Project Sleep is thrilled to unveil the new NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE™ campaign website at: As the world’s largest narcolepsy social media awareness campaign, NARCOLEPSY: NOT ALONE sets a bold new precedent that narcolepsy is not a joke, but a real disorder…

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Where will you NAP today?

These new Brazilian nap booths look so cozy, Project Sleep is tempted to pack our bags for Brazil! Who’s with us? Read: The start-up firm which wants to put Brazil to sleep, by Luana Ferreira, BBC News. Our hats are off to this Brazilian entrepreneur,…

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10 Great Resources for Narcolepsy

We’ve assembled a list of our favorite narcolepsy resources–from guidebooks to support groups.                                                        …

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Spooky Nighttime Visitors: Paranormal or Parasomnia?

As Halloween approaches, Rebecca Fuoco, visits the haunted history of sleep paralysis and the supernatural. Sleep paralysis is an inability to move or speak for a few seconds up to ten minutes when falling asleep (hypnagogic) or upon awakening (hypnopompic). …

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Project Sleep’s Founder Nominated for RareVoice Award

On behalf of Project Sleep’s Dream Team, I am proud to announce that Founder and President Julie Flygare has been nominated for a RareVoice Award in recognition of her work founding Project Sleep and the Narcolepsy: Not Alone campaign. Julie…

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Project Sleep From the Desk of the Founder Julie Flygare

From the Founder’s Desk: Why Project Sleep?

At age 23, I gave up on myself. It was a Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. As an ambitious first-year law student, I returned to law school to study. No leftover turkey sandwiches. Final exams were approaching. Yet, within a few...
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