Action Alert: Ask Your Representative to Support Sleep Awareness and Research

Take Action for Sleep

This year, an official Congressional Sign On Letter will be sent to the Appropriations Committee asking them to prioritize support for sleep and sleep disorders public health, awareness, and research. To be effective, we need your Members of the U.S. House of Representatives to “sign on.” The more House Representatives sign on, the more likely the sleep-specific recommendations make it into the final appropriations bill.

Raise Your Voice

Your House Representatives will only “sign on” to this letter if asked to by YOU (their constituent). Take action TODAY to start the process. There are a few steps but all can be done via e-mail.


  1. To find the appropriate staff member who handles healthcare (the Health LA) in your Representative’s DC office, first contact our sleep community advocacy staff, Matt Duquette at and cc: Julie Flygare at (Email Subject: Health LA, in email simply provide your home address so Matt can identify your House Representative’s Health LA).
  2. E-mail your Representative’s Health LA using the draft message below and attach the FY25 Sleep Sign On Letter PDF (click here to download letter). Please note, you do not need to click the “Quill” link and form mentioned; these links ONLY works for House offices.
  3. Be persistent and follow up every few days (Pro Tip: set reminders in your calendar to follow up).


To: [Your House Representative’s Health LA’s Email]
Subject: Sign On Letter – Sleep Community

Dear [Staff Member’s Name],

My name is [your name] and I am a constituent from [hometown]. I am also an advocate for the sleep community. I hope your office will join the attached Sign on Letter, which supports the sleep community’s appropriations recommendations for FY 2025. To sign on, please complete this form via Quill. Please contact Kaitlyn Kelly at with any questions.

Thank you for your time and for considering this request.

[Your Name and address]
Attachment: FY25 Sleep Disorders Sign on Letter (

Questions?  Email Matt Duquette at and Julie Flygare at with any questions. Thank you for raising your voice for sleep research and awareness!

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