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Sleep Disorder Help and Aid - Our Mission

About Us

Project Sleep is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about sleep health and sleep disorders.

Our Mission

Believing in the value of sleep, Project Sleep aims to improve public health by educating individuals about the importance of sleep health and sleep disorders. Project Sleep educates and empowers individuals using events, campaigns, and programs to bring people together and talk about sleep as a pillar of health.

Sleep Health + Sleep Disorders

We believe in bridging the gap between sleep health and sleep disorders. Both are urgent public health issues facing our nation and must be addressed simultaneously. 

Project Sleep’s Latest News

Sleep In 2021 Made World Peace with Sleep

Project Sleep’s Sleep In 2021 (#SleepIn2021) brought the sleep community together online to honor our needs for rest and recovery. The seventh annual Sleep In event took place from March 12-14, 2021. Participants were encouraged to prioritize sleep, rest, and self care while fundraising for Project Sleep. During Sleep In 2021, over 160 participants raised…

New Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Story: Meet Alexa in Mexico!

We are used to seeing stories of perfect lives on Instagram or TikTok… I wondered, could I ever be ‘enough’ despite having narcolepsy?” — Alexa Cuevas, RVN Writer Our Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Story Sharing live broadcast series continued on April 11, 2021 with new storyteller Alexa Cuevas! Alexa joined us from Mexico to share…

Narcolepsy Nerd Alert: Narcolepsy & Brain Fog

Having issues with concentration and memory? You’re not alone. In this Narcolepsy Nerd Alert live event,  we explore brain fog, automatic behavior, and micro-sleeps with our featured panelists and audience members. Watch Video and Download Toolkit VideoToolkitVideoToolkitNarcolepsy & Brain Fog Toolkit coming soon! Narcolepsy Nerd Alert toolkits accompany each broadcast. The toolkits are designed for…

Action Alert: Urge Your Representative to Join Sleep Letter

Your Voice Matters Big news! For the third year in a row, an official Congressional Sign On Letter will be sent to the Appropriations Committee asking them to prioritize support for sleep and sleep disorders research and awareness. To be effective, we need your Members of the U.S. House of Representatives to “sign on.” The…

Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Story Sharing Series: Meet Leah in London!

As a teenager, the ideas of teaching English in Thailand and going on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage were more like dreams, or aspirations, that I desperately wanted to do, and was determined to do, whether I was asleep or not.” — Leah Boyle, RVN Speaker Our Rising Voices of Narcolepsy Story Sharing live broadcast…