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Sleep Disorder Help and Aid - Our Mission

About Us

Project Sleep is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about sleep health and sleep disorders.

Our Mission

Believing in the value of sleep, Project Sleep aims to improve public health by educating individuals about the importance of sleep health and sleep disorders. Project Sleep educates and empowers individuals using events, campaigns, and programs to bring people together and talk about sleep as a pillar of health.

Sleep Health + Sleep Disorders

We believe in bridging the gap between sleep health and sleep disorders. Both are urgent public health issues facing our nation and must be addressed simultaneously. 

Project Sleep’s Latest News

Watch Now: NFL Player Josh Andrews Speaks Out About Narcolepsy

For the first time, Josh Andrews (#68) offensive lineman for the Atlanta Falcons, shares his story of living with narcolepsy in a new video series with Project Sleep to raise global narcolepsy awareness for World Narcolepsy Day (Sept. 22, 2021). Josh Andrews is an American football offensive guard for the Atlanta Falcons of the National…

SPANISH World Narcolepsy Day Story Sharing Event: Alexa’s Story

Please share with Spanish-speaking family and friends! Rising Voices of Narcolepsy advocate Alexa Cuevas joined us on FB Live from Mexico for a very special World Narcolepsy Day Story Sharing in Spanish! Fellow advocate Grisel Pantoja facilitated a Q&A session in Spanish afterwards. (Para información en español, por favor, desplácese hacia abajo.) Watch Video Now: Click here to watch…

WND 2021 Live Panel: Narcolepsy Around the World

We celebrated World Narcolepsy Day, Sept. 22, 2021 with “Narcolepsy Around the World.” People living with narcolepsy joined us from Australia, China, Poland, Germany, Israel, Angola, Brazil, and Uruguay to share their stories and perspectives on awareness, advocacy, treatment, and support. Watch Video Now: World Narcolepsy Day is dedicated to raising awareness of narcolepsy on a…

World Narcolepsy Day Story Sharing Event: Meet Farah in Ontario!

As an aspiring med student, reassessing my capacity — not my ability — was tough to swallow. But it liberated me to explore new possibilities and passions. — Farah Hasan, RVN Advocate In anticipation of World Narcolepsy Day (Sept 22), new Rising Voices of Narcolepsy storyteller Farah Hasan joined us from Ontario on September 12th,…

World Narcolepsy Day 2021: Get Involved!

Just 3 weeks until the third annual World Narcolepsy Day on Sept. 22nd, 2021. This September, let’s think globally and act locally to elevate narcolepsy awareness worldwide. 6 Easy Ways to Get Involved: 1. Visit the Virtual Photo Booth Let’s celebrate together virtually via the new World Narcolepsy Day Virtual Photo Booth! The virtual photo booth is…