The Project Sleep Podcast

Many people view sleep as a waste of time, yet sleep is absolutely critical for our health, safety, and success. The Project Sleep Podcast, hosted by Julie Flygare, aims to improve public health by educating individuals about the importance of sleep health, sleep equity, and sleep disorders.

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Narcolepsy Nerd Alert Series

The Narcolepsy Nerd Alert series invites listeners to dive deeper into specific topics relevant to living with narcolepsy. To explore more topics related to living with narcolepsy, visit our Narcolepsy Nerd Alert page and check out corresponding toolkits available to download for free.

Sleep Insights Series

The Sleep Insights series invites listeners to learn about this amazing adventure we take every night called “sleep.” Through these insightful discussions, we examine sleep and our society’s beliefs about sleep from various angles. We hope you’ll learn some cool new facts and analogies that you can use to help us raise awareness about this underappreciated 1/3rd of our lives.

Rising Voices Series

The Rising Voices Series features a variety of first-hand stories from people living with sleep disorders around the world. At Project Sleep, we believe in the power of storytelling to raise awareness and break down stigma. This is why we train people with sleep disorders on how to share their stories through the Rising Voices training program. To request a Rising Voices speaker for your conference or apply for an upcoming training program, visit:

On this podcast, all guests express their own opinions. While medical diagnosis and treatment options are discussed for educational purposes, this information should not be taken as medical advice. Each person’s experience is so unique, which is why it’s so important to always consult your own medical team when making decisions about your own health.

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