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Sleep is absolutely critical for our health, safety, and success. Get started in finding the sleep help you need with some of Project Sleep’s resources and information. If you think you may have a sleep disorder, consult your physician or a sleep specialist.

Narcolepsy Nerd Alert Series

The Narcolepsy Nerd Alert series invites fellow #NarcolepsyNerds to explore aspects of the narcolepsy experience, contemplate bold questions, and learn from each other. Hosted by Julie Flygare, the live broadcasts take place via Project Sleep’s Facebook page. After each broadcast, we create a corresponding printable toolkit featuring participants’ insights.

The Project Sleep Podcast

Many people view sleep as a waste of time, yet sleep is absolutely critical for our health, safety, and success. The Project Sleep Podcast, hosted by Julie Flygare, aims to improve public health by educating individuals about the importance of sleep health, sleep equity, and sleep disorders.

Narcolepsy and Idiopathic Hypersomnia: FDA Listening Session Report

On August 8th, 2022, a patient-led Listening Session took place online between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Project Sleep, and patient advocates in the narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia community. Project Sleep is proud to share a Summary Report highlighting key takeaways from the meeting.

Benefits of Healthy Sleep


What is Narcolepsy?


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