Narcolepsy in Film & TV Research Project: Community Contributors

Huge thanks for your support!

Project Sleep is grateful to honor our community’s contributions to our Sleep Disorders in Film & TV Database—your keen eyes and insights are helping us create an in-depth analysis of cinematic portrayals of narcolepsy. We could never do this research without you!

Community Contributors

  • Andie Prochaska
  • Audrey Low
  • Cassandra Stewart
  • Catherine McCabe
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Emma Cooksey
  • Erin
  • Ingrid Butterfield
  • Jen Baird
  • Jenn Brown
  • John
  • Joseph Riffe
  • Juliet Rogito
  • Kayleigh Methlie
  • Kim Lehrman
  • Matthew Horsnell
  • Michelle Mabis
  • Rachel Chadwick
  • Raquel Ruiz-Solar
  • Sara Hagen
  • Sarah Wilkinson
  • Sophia Ogden
  • Theresa
  • Vickie Guidry

Names are shared with permission.

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Want to know more about why narcolepsy portrayals matter or contribute to our research? Visit our Sleep Disorders in Film and TV Database to learn about our work and submit examples of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders in the media.

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