Dr. Jade Wu: 2022 Women’s History Month Sleep Leaders Part 4

March is Women’s History Month! Project Sleep is proud to celebrate the vital role of women in the sleep community through a series of feature profiles.

Graphic by Eleanor Wales

Meet Dr. Jade Wu!

Dr. Jade Wu, PhD, is a board-certified behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) specialist and researcher at Duke University School of Medicine. As a BSM specialist, Dr. Wu uses evidence-based behavioral and psychological approaches to help people improve their sleep. Her current research revolves around sleep disorders in those with chronic illness. 

Dr. Wu is passionate about addressing sleep health disparities. Her mission is to spread the gift of sleep so that people can be their healthiest, organizations can be their most innovative, and societies can move towards justice and healing. As a clinician, she leads with science and compassion and empowers her clients with tools for a more fulfilling life. 

Sleep is your friend. It’s not an engineering problem that you have to figure out the perfect algorithm for; it’s not a chore that you have to get done; it’s not a performance enhancer… Treat your sleep how you would treat an actual friend and I bet sleep will be good to you, too.”

—Dr. Jade Wu via the Minds and Mics podcast

To spread the science of sleep and health equity, Dr. Wu shares her expertise in sleep and mental health. She’s a frequent contributor to shows, podcasts, and publications like NPR and the New York Times, as well as the former host of the popular Savvy Psychologist podcast. She also works as a freelance consultant, educating companies on topics like investing in sleep to avoid burnout and reimagining sleep to shift historical legacies of oppression. Find her on Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

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