Ode to Joy

On August 9, 2019, the feature film, Ode to Joy released in select theaters and via video on demand to rent at home in the United States. The film features a main character portrayal of narcolepsy with cataplexy, a neurological condition affecting 1 in 2,000 people worldwide. 

While Project Sleep was not involved in the development or filming of Ode to Joy, we aim to help viewers discuss the film and learn more about narcolepsy with cataplexy.

Watch the Film

Ode to Joy is now playing at select theaters (starting in New York City and Los Angeles) and available to watch via video on demand at home.

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Host a Discussion!

Project Sleep created this Discussion Guide to help viewers discuss the film while also raising critical awareness about narcolepsy with cataplexy.

What is Narcolepsy?

Want to learn more about the condition featured in Ode to Joy? Here are the basic facts about narcolepsy with cataplexy.

View the Trailer:

Find a Sleep Specialist

If you think that you or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms of narcolepsy, it’s important to consult a board-certified sleep specialist.

Share Your Experience!

Research shows that personal health stories are invaluable public education tools. Consider posting about Ode to Joy on social media and let your friends know you’d be happy to answer any questions. You might be surprised by the conversations this sparks!

Additional Resources:

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Harvard Narcolepsy Education Website: http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/narcolepsy
Hypersomnia Foundation: https://www.hypersomniafoundation.org
Narcolepsy Network: https://narcolepsynetwork.org
Narcolepsy: Not Alone Campaign: www.narcolepsynotalone.com
Project Sleep: https://project-sleep.com/
Stanford Center for Narcolepsy: http://med.stanford.edu/narcolepsy.html
Wake Up Narcolepsy: https://www.wakeupnarcolepsy.org

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