Podcast: Teens & Sleep with Dr. Afolabi-Brown

The Project Sleep Podcast – Sleep Insights Series Ep. 1

If you’ve ever spent time around teenagers, you probably know that many teens are struggling with sleep. In fact, nearly 70 percent of high school students sleep less than the recommended 8-9 hours a night. In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown about how we can make sleep cool to teens and their parents too!

About Dr. Afolabi-Brown

Dr. Afolabi-Brown is board-certified in pediatric pulmonary medicine and pediatric sleep disorders. As a double board-certified pediatric respiratory sleep medicine physician, Dr. Brown helps her patients breathe better and sleep better. By extension, she helps improve the sleep of their parents. Dr. Brown is a speaker, an educator, a writer, and the founder of Restful Sleep MD and also a member of Project Sleep’s Expert Advisory Board.

Find her on Instagram: @restfulsleepmd or her website: https://www.restfulsleepmd.com/

This conversation was recorded in March 2022, during Project Sleep’s annual Sleep In event to help society make peace with sleep. Learn more: https://project-sleep.com/sleepin/

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