SLEEP IN 2015 Wrap-Up & Acknowledgements

THANK YOU to all our amazing participants and generous supporters who made #SLEEPIN2015 a huge success! The funds and awareness you raised will make a huge difference in helping Project Sleep to fulfill our mission into the future.  Here we present some special shout-outs…

The Prize Winners

First, we’d like to announce the participants who rose among the rest in their quests to raise funds and spirits.  Each winner will receive a prize pack including the official SLEEP IN 2015 T-shirt (the T-shirt is still available on Etsy for those who did not win, kind of like how “Oscar” statues can be bought on Hollywood Blvd, but better).



The Media Promoters

SLEEP IN 2015 made a splash in the media, thanks to rockstar participants like Ciro Di Ruocco, Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys, Brian Swaine, and April-Scarlett Lee.  We got coverage in the USA, Canada, and England—what an honor/honour!

SLEEP IN 2015 on ShawTV Nanaimo:

SLEEP IN 2015 in the Newspapers & Blogs:









The Social Chatters

Thanks to everyone who updated their status, tweeted, pinned, tumbled, and grammed using #SleepIn2015!


Here is the video recording of our Google Hangout where we got to check in on participants Claire S., Tabby B., Jennifer B., and April-Scarlett L.:

The Talented Performers

A special thank you to Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys who not only performed live for participants, but are also giving us all a three song sampler.  Jeez, guys, could you be a little more generous with your musical talents?

In case you missed the live performance, here is the recording:


Don’t be too sad it’s over– we’ll do it all over again for SLEEP IN 2016 on March 11th – March 13th!



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