Sleep Advocates Educate Policymakers on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, Nov. 14th, 2023, following the White House Sleep Equity Briefing, Project Sleep and other leading sleep organizations visited Capitol Hill to meet with important policymakers in Congress. This 2023 Hill Day activities included 25 sleep community leaders representing 16 different states who visited 29 Congressional offices.

Sleep Community Rallies Together

Participants included leaders representing various national sleep organizations including:

Why Raise Our Voices?

Sleep is foundational for health yet often overlooked in our busy society.  As Dr. Michael Grandner describes, “The science is suggesting that giving sleep its place among other major domains of health could have wide-reaching impacts to public health, mental health, and even economic productivity.”

This is why the sleep community was on Capitol Hill to educate policymakers about the underrated role of sleep in our society and to request their support in elevating public and professional awareness of sleep and sleep disorders at a federal level. See our legislative agenda here.


I was honored to meet with leaders on Capitol Hill. Being around so many people with sleep disorders and researchers who devote their lives to sleep health was a surreal experience.”

-Kristyn Beecher, Project Sleep Board Member,

Rising Voices Speaker & News Producer

Your Voice Matters

Our work does NOT end with fancy photos from the U.S. Capitol. We have much more awareness to raise.

Our 2023 Sleep Community Hill Day Album:

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