Dr. Azizi Seixas: 2022 Black History Month Sleep Leaders Part 1

To celebrate Black History Month, Project Sleep is honored to highlight incredible accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans from across the sleep field—from scientists to advocates. Please join us in celebrating Black excellence by spreading the word about these sleep community leaders!

Meet Dr. Azizi Seixas!

Azizi Seixas, PhD, is a sleep and circadian sciences expert, health-tech innovator, and speaker focused on transforming data into stories that inspire action. He currently serves as an Associate Professor and the Director of the Media and Innovation Lab at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

Dr. Seixas was brought up in inner-city Jamaica by a hardworking single mother and a fierce grandmother who both empowered him to pursue an education. Soon after earning his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Seixas had the opportunity to participate in a sleep and behavioral summer training at New York University, which sparked his passion for sleep as an often overlooked pillar of health.

Dr. Seixas’ work focuses on understanding the sociocultural and environmental determinants of chronic diseases and the intersectionality of sleep, physical activity, diet & nutrition, and stress management. His research aims to answer questions like “How do we make healthcare more personalized and less one-size-fits-all?” and “How do we eradicate health disparities and inequities, so that healthcare works for everyone?”


Solving healthcare challenges takes more than sophisticated new tools—it takes continuous streams of good data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and a deep understanding of how to effect sustainable behavior change across the four pillars of health: sleep, physical activity, diet & nutrition, and stress management.”

—Dr. Azizi Seixas via his website


Recognized as one of the top 100 Inspiring Black Scientists in America by Cell Press, Dr. Seixas has over 150 high-impact publications, book chapters and conference presentations and his work appears in media outlets like CBS, CNN, NBC, Associated Press and The Guardian.

Project Sleep is honored to celebrate Black excellence in the sleep community this month. However, we know this is not only a time for recognition but also an opportunity to reflect on progress yet to be made and to reaffirm our commitment to social justice and equity. Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to contact your Members of Congress to help advance our sleep health disparities policy recommendations.

Graphic by Eleanor Wales

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