Join Us for the Sleep In 2021 to Re-Energize!

Calling All Sleep Advocates!

Please join us for the seventh annual Sleep In 2021 (#SleepIn2021) over the weekend of March 12-14, 2021, to raise awareness about sleep and sleep disorders in celebration of Sleep Awareness Week.

Nearly 70 percent of adults report insufficient sleep or rest at least once a month. Almost 70 percent of high school adolescents are not getting enough sleep. An estimated 1 out of 5 Americans chronically live with a sleep or circadian disorder yet the majority are undiagnosed.

Sleep is the misunderstood and often-overlooked pillar of health. Sleepiness is NOT laziness. By participating in Project Sleep’s Sleep In, we are waking up the world to the importance and power of sleep.


Winners in three categories (Scavenger Hunt sleep spirit, top fundraising, and media guru) will be awarded very special Sleep In Exclusive Prize Packs!

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