Project Sleep’s Julie Flygare Featured on ABC News Live

On World Sleep Day, Friday March 17th, 2023, Project Sleep’s President & CEO, Julie Flygare, JD, appeared on ABC News Live to talk about signs of sleep disorders.

Julie was interviewed by ABC News Anchor and Correspondent, Diane Macedo (author of The Sleep Fix) alongside Project Sleep Expert Advisory Board Member, Dr. Michael Grandner, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist and Director of the Sleep & Health Research Program at the University of Arizona and Mike Muse, ABC News Contributor and SiriusXM Radio Host of the “The Mike Muse Show.”

Flygare’s Journey with Narcolepsy

In this ABC News Live segment, Flygare shared about battling invisible sleepiness that she misinterpreted as a “willpower” problem for years before receiving a narcolepsy diagnosis at age 24. She also spoke about the mental health challenges of facing an undiagnosed sleep disorder and how finding a diagnosis helped her find social support.

Could I have a Sleep Disorder?

If you or a loved one is having trouble maintaining clear and present wakefulness during the day on a regular basis, it is important to consult an AASM Board Certified Sleep Specialist because most primary care health care providers may not be familiar with sleep disorders. Learn more about Sleep Disorders.

Huge thanks to ABC News Live and Diane Macedo for raising critical awareness of sleep disorders on World Sleep Day!

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