Innovation in Action: Launching Project Sleep’s Expert Advisory Board

Project Sleep's 30 Expert Advisory Board members.

Today, Project Sleep is proud to announce the establishment of our innovative Expert Advisory Board.

Project Sleep’s Expert Advisory Board includes clinicians, researchers, patients, and advocates who are thought leaders and trailblazers in their respective fields. This powerful group will work together to accelerate our mission of improving public health by educating individuals and communities about sleep health, sleep equity, and sleep disorders.

Doing Things Differently

Many health organizations have scientific and medical advisory boards. Some have separate patient advisory boards. However, this marks one of the first times that a non-profit organization in the sleep space has brought these groups together onto one Expert Advisory Board—including patient advocates. At Project Sleep, we believe that including people with first-hand lived experiences will foster more fruitful discussion and lead to better outcomes.

“We are excited to disrupt the status quo,” said Julie Flygare, JD, President & CEO of Project Sleep. “There is no separate table for patients at Project Sleep, and we are so grateful that our Expert Advisory Board shares our vision and will be able to learn from each other’s diverse expertise.”

The Role of the Expert Advisory Board

The Expert Advisory Board will provide guidance to Project Sleep’s Board of Directors on the challenges and unmet needs facing the sleep community. They will also serve as an important sounding board when brainstorming new ideas, emerging opportunities, and potential collaborations.

Members of the Expert Advisory Board generously give their time and expertise as volunteers and will serve for terms of two years. The Expert Advisory Board’s Co-Chairs, Emma Cooksey and Diana Anderson, PA-C, will share the guidance from the Expert Advisory Board with Project Sleep’s Board of Directors.

“What energizes me about this initiative is the variety of backgrounds, specialties, and connections to sleep represented,” described Emma Cooksey, Project Sleep Board Member and Expert Advisory Board Co-Chair. “As a sleep apnea advocate, I’ve seen the importance of bridging the gaps between clinical disciplines and including people with sleep disorders in the discussion. We are stronger together.”

Please join us in welcoming our inaugural Expert Advisory Board!
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