New Video: Nurses with Narcolepsy

Today, Project Sleep is proud to release “Nurses with Narcolepsy” — a new video resource featuring two nurses and one nursing student living with narcolepsy. This is part II of our new series highlighting healthcare professionals with narcolepsy during the unprecedented global pandemic.

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This video features:

  • Andrea Sutphin, RN
  • Annie Embertson, RN
  • Connor Qualkenbush, nursing student

In this video, Andrea, Annie and Connor discuss:

  • Narcolepsy symptom development
  • Deciding to become a nurse
  • Nursing school + narcolepsy
  • Managing narcolepsy with treatments and coping skills
  • Asking for work accommodations
  • Advice for future nurses with narcolepsy

[Content Warning: mention of suicide]

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Stay tuned for more

This is Part II of a series of three videos featuring healthcare professionals living with narcolepsy created by Project Sleep. Watch Part I “Doctors with Narcolepsy” today.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel & stay tuned for Part III coming soon!

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