NFL Player Josh Andrews Supports Project Sleep with 2021 My Cause My Cleats

Please join us in thanking Josh Andrews (#68) of the Atlanta Falcons for raising his voice and supporting Project Sleep via the 2021 NFL’s My Cause My Cleats program (#MyCauseMyCleats on social media). For the second year in a row, Andrews chose to champion sleep health and sleep disorders awareness with Project Sleep! See Andrews’ 2020 Project Sleep cleats here.

When I first got diagnosed, I didn’t know anybody with narcolepsy, so I was in the dark about this whole narcolepsy thing… Finding Project Sleep and their community of people raising awareness and advocating, I felt like this was my calling, something I could get behind to help make a difference.”

− Josh Andrews, Atlanta Falcons

Unveiling Josh Andrews 2021 Project Sleep Cleats:

My Cause My Cleats In Action on Sunday

Josh Andrews is one of 41 Atlanta Falcons players who chose to support organizations through this year’s My Cause My Cleats program. Atlanta Falcons players will raise awareness for their chosen causes by wearing custom cleats on the field for Sunday Dec. 5th’s My Cause My Cleats game against Tampa Bay.

Andrews shared his support for Project Sleep on Instagram on Dec. 3, 2021:

Josh’s continued partnership with Project Sleep is so surreal and deeply meaningful. By raising his voice and using his platform to elevate this cause, thousands of people feel more validated and supported. Our community is forever grateful and cheering loudly for Josh and the Falcons!”

−Julie Flygare, President & CEO of Project Sleep

Josh Andrews’ Narcolepsy Story:

Earlier this year, Andrews partnered with Project Sleep to share his story of living with narcolepsy publicly for the first time in a powerful video series for World Narcolepsy Day. Please watch and share these videos.

Huge Thanks!

Please join us in thanking Josh Andrews for continuing to be an authentic role model for people living with sleep disorders and a powerful community leader breaking down stigma. We are forever grateful to walk this journey alongside Josh, or rather, to cheer him on from the stands, near and far!

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