Project Sleep in IndiaNAPolis: SLEEP 2023

SLEEP 2023 and Hypersomnia Foundation’s 2023 #BeyondSleepy Conference

From June 2-7, 2023, Project Sleep was in Indianapolis, IN for two separate conferences! From June 2-4, Project Sleep attended the Hypersomnia Foundation’s 2023 #BeyondSleepy Conference. This conference brought together people with idiopathic hypersomnia, narcolepsy, and Kleine-Levin Syndrome and their supporters.

Project Sleep also attended and shared our work at SLEEP 2023, held June 3-7. SLEEP 2023 was the 37th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS). The annual SLEEP meeting is dedicated to clinical sleep medicine, sleep and circadian research, and sleep health.

Speaking Up: Rising Voices Advocate Lizzy Terry

On June 3rd, Rising Voices advocate Elizabeth Terry was featured at Hypersomnia Foundation’s 2023 #BeyondSleepy Conference. Lizzy shared her narcolepsy story in the session Rising Our Voices.

Lizzy Terry is an Indiana University graduate, recreational therapist, and seasoned speaker. Diagnosed with narcolepsy while in college in 2015, she became a trained speaker through Project Sleep’s Rising Voices program in 2018. By sharing her story, she continues to build awareness for this misunderstood neurological condition and encourages others to do the same. Thank you, Lizzy, for continuing to raise your voice and build awareness!

Delay in Diagnosis: Rising Voices Advocate Amy Clifton

Amy Clifton and Julie Flygare pose for a photo at SLEEP 2023.On June 5th, Rising Voices graduate Amy Clifton shared her narcolepsy story at SLEEP 2023 during the session Delay in Diagnosis: How Health Disparities, Lack of Awareness, and Payer Policies Ultimately Impact the Patient. During this session, Amy shared her struggles with reaching a diagnosis. In her presentation, she reflected, “Receiving a correct diagnosis of narcolepsy has been tremendously healing for myself and my family.”

Amy is a stay-at-home mom to 3 fun-loving children, an activist, and a former pediatric nurse. She went undiagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy for years. As a trained speaker with Project Sleep’s Rising Voices leadership program, Amy shares her personal experience with narcolepsy to raise awareness and reduce delays to proper diagnosis and treatment for others. Thank you, Amy, for your commitment to raising awareness and reducing delays to diagnosis!

Sleep Health Advocacy: Project Sleep President & CEO Julie Flygare

On June 7th, Project Sleep President & CEO Julie Flygare, JD was invited to share about her work in sleep health advocacy at SLEEP 2023.

In a few key moments from Julie during the session Sleep Health Advocacy: Permanent Standard Time and Later School Start Times, she spoke to the importance of two-way conversation and the impact of sharing stories.

We are so grateful for Julie’s opportunity to share about the importance of advocacy and Project Sleep’s role in advancing awareness of sleep health, sleep equity, and sleep disorders.

Project Sleep Booth at SLEEP 2023

Group of women pose around Project Sleep booth at SLEEP 2023.Throughout the SLEEP meeting, Project Sleep had a booth at the Advocacy Pavilion in the exhibitors’ hall, located in the same area as other sleep non-profit organizations.

At the booth, we handed out Project Sleep resources, stickers, pens, and pin buttons. It was so energizing to chat with people from our community, share about Project Sleep’s goals and mission, and meet our wonderful advocates in real life! Check out the gallery below for more fun pictures from the meeting.


SLEEP is the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS). The APSS is a joint venture of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society (SRS).

The SLEEP meeting provides evidence-based education to advance the science and clinical practice of sleep medicine. It also disseminates cutting-edge sleep and circadian research, promotes the translation of basic science into clinical practice, and fosters the future of the field by providing career development opportunities at all levels. Thousands of individuals from all around the world, many of whom are pioneering leaders in the field, attend the conference.

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