Sleep Advocacy Webinar & Action Alert Summer 2021

Your voice matters! On Friday, August 6th, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET, Project Sleep hosted an advocacy webinar via Facebook Live. We provided an update on legislative activity impacting medical research, public health, and healthcare coverage and access. We will also discussed opportunities to make your voice heard and connect with your Senators’ offices as Congress moves into the August recess!

The webinar was recorded and the video is available here to watch:

Building on our Momentum

Earlier this year, the sleep community supported a congressional sign on letter to the House Appropriations Committee that outlined funding requests and related recommendations. As a result of your incredible advocacy, a bipartisan group of 54 House members signed on in support of these recommendations! The House Appropriations Committee responded by adopting these recommendations, but the process continues. During this webinar, you will learn about what comes next and how to participate.

Members of Congress will be back home during the August congressional recess listening to the needs of constituents. It is particularly important to ensure the Senate shares the House’s enthusiasm for funding key sleep-related programs. This is the right time to check in with your two Senators and to request their support.

Take Action

  1. Watch the advocacy webinar recording.
  2. Email Jackson Rau at to request your two Senators’ Health Legislative Assistant’s contact info.
    • Draft email to Jackson: “Hi Jackson, I live in [X state] and am participating in Project Sleep’s August Action Alert. Could you send me the contact info for my Senators’ Health Legislative Assistants? Thanks!”  Be sure to include your home state.
  3. Use the language below to e-mail or leave a voice message for your two Senators’ Health Legislative Assistants. You can also request the opportunity to meet with the local office (virtually or in-person, as appropriate given COVID-19). Be sure to attach the Leave Behind Materials.

Dear [Health Legislative Assistant’s Name],

I write today as a constituent from [your city, state] and as an advocate for the sleep community to request your support for the attached items. Critical investments are needed in sleep research and awareness funding, and your support is crucial to addressing coverage and access issues. The House of Representatives has provided strong funding recommendations for enhancing research programs at NIH and public health efforts at CDC, and I hope the Senate will follow suit.

[Optional: Share your personal story/connection to this cause in 1-2 sentences.]

[Optional: I’d like to schedule a time to meet with someone at the local office this summer—virtually or in-person, as appropriate.]

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request. I appreciate your support!

Sincerely, [your name and address]

Attachment: Project Sleep Leave-Behind Materials August 2021


Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Jackson Rau at We’re here to help!

Thank you for taking action for sleep health and sleep disorders!
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