Sleep Advocates Return to Capitol Hill

After 2.5 years of virtual advocacy, Project Sleep and the Sleep Research Society returned to Washington DC for an in-person Hill Day on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022. Over 30 advocates from 11 states visited over 20 Congressional offices on Capitol Hill to educate and advocate for sleep research and awareness. 

Sleep Community Rallies Together

Participants included leaders representing various national sleep organizations including:

Why Raise Our Voices?

Scientific breakthroughs help us better understand sleep’s foundational role in everyone’s health. Research advancements also help us to better understand the causes of sleep disorders.

For example, two sleep researchers, Dr. Emmanuel Mignot and Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa, recently won the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for discovering the cause of narcolepsy. Yet, more research is needed to elucidate the causes of additional sleep conditions and to develop novel therapies to improve patients’ lives.


Being in Washington DC with Project Sleep to share my story of living with obstructive sleep apnea meant the world to me. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the 10 years I went without a diagnosis to push for more research and public awareness to make things better in the future.”

-Emma Cooksey, Project Sleep Board Member,

Rising Voices Speaker & Sleep Apnea Stories Podcast Host

Your Voice Matters

Our work does NOT end with fancy photos from the U.S. Capitol. We have much more awareness to raise, especially as a new Congressional Session begins in 2023. 

Our 2022 Sleep Community Hill Day Album:

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