Sleep In 2020 Makes Peace with Sleep

Project Sleep’s Sleep In 2020 (#SleepIn2020) was a shining example of how the sleep community stands together while apart. The sixth annual Sleep In event took place from March 13-15, 2020. Individuals participating in the Sleep In were challenged to stay in bed between 12-48 hours to raise awareness for sleep disorders and sleep health while fundraising for Project Sleep during the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week.

During Sleep In 2020, we had over 100 participants from the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia! Thank you to the participants, supporters, and sleep community who came together to make Sleep In 2020 a success!

Make Peace with Sleep Worldwide

1,795 hours pledged in bed

Over $5,000 raised

Five countries represented

Over 500 #SleepIn2020 posts

Weekend Events

Sleep In 2020 kicked off with a Decorating Party! Project Sleep’s board member, Cienna Ditri(@ChronicallyPersevering) joined Julie Flygare(@RemRunner) on Instagram Live to unveil their bedrooms.There was a bit of friendly competition, but in the end they declared each other both winners. The night concluded with an Insta-Tuck In where participants shared pictures of tucking into bed. Australia, New Zealand, and Myanmar were the first to drift off into dreamland.

Saturday morning started off with participants from around the world sharing pictures of themselves dressed in their pajamas for our first ever Virtual Pajama Parade on Instagram. That afternoon, Flygare hosted an Interview with Sleep Health Expert Dr. Michael Grandner. Dr. Grandner shared his story on becoming a sleep expert, where his passion for sleep began, along with bedtime sleep tips. Watch the video here.

Later that evening, a very inspiring “Sleep, Stigma, and Society” Panel Discussion was held on Facebook Live. The panel featured some of our wonderful Project Sleep advocates including @MarrzipAnna,@MHorsnell, @El_Terryy, @ChronicallyPersevering, @TheNapCave, and @RemRunner

Cienna shared community perceptions data she collected on Instagram focusing on Sleep, Stigma, and Society. Out of 167 respondents, 161  felt misunderstood due to their relationship with sleep. Powerful responses included:

Wakefulness for me feels like hearing the birds on a spring morning.”

“Don’t be afraid to talk about your disorder. Bravery and education is key.”

A much anticipated event every Sleep In is Brunch with @CPAPBabes on Instagram Live and Sleep In 2020. This year, Stacy shared her invaluable experience on navigating insurance obstacles to obtain treatment options to manage her sleep apnea and idiopathic hypersomnia.

Sleep In 2020 Concluded with DJ FE’s Sleep In Slumber Party on Twitch. Dogs and humans alike enjoyed dancing the night away to a great set! Watch the video here.

Sleep In 2020 Prize Winners

Thank you to all of our Sleep In 2020 participants and supporters who joined us over the weekend! We are grateful for each and every participant’s contributions, fundraising, and social media efforts. Your incredible enthusiasm makes choosing prize pack winners extremely challenging.

Top Sleep Spirit Winners

Top Fundraising Winners

Top Media Guru Winners

Thank You!

A Special thank you to our team that made the 2020 Sleep In a success behind the scenes Julie Flygare, Cienna Ditri, and Matt Horsnell. We couldn’t have done any of this without our participants, donors, fundraisers, presenters, panelists, and social media mavens. This community is a real-life DREAM TEAM!

We can’t wait to see you for #SleepIn2021 next year!
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