Dr. Lindsay McCullough: Living My Best Life as a Sleep Physician with Narcolepsy

Dr. Lindsay McCullough, MD shared her story as a sleep physician living with narcolepsy in the Fall 2022 issue of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s member magazine, Montage.

After struggling with unexplained daytime sleepiness and misunderstanding from those around her for ten years, Dr. McCullough was diagnosed with type 2 narcolepsy without cataplexy as a fourth-year medical student, just as she was finishing interviews for her residency training. While her diagnosis initially spurred feelings of fear, shame, isolation, and self-doubt about pursuing a career in medicine, she gradually found effective treatment and connected with others living with narcolepsy, which helped her feel seen and understood.

Dr. McCullough now practices and teaches sleep medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and emphasizes the importance of community for people with sleep disorders. She says, “I enjoy teaching, with hopes that trainees may identify sleep disorders in their patients or have the courage to speak up if they are having sleep issues themselves. For all of my patients with hypersomnia, I prescribe social support at the same time as medications.”

We are incredibly grateful for Dr. McCullough’s voice and work. Please read and share her story below!

Dr. Lindsay McCullough, MD is an assistant professor of sleep medicine and associate program director of the sleep medicine fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Special thanks to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for inviting Dr. McCullough to share her story in their print and online Fall 2022 issue of Montage.

For more perspectives on being a healthcare provider with narcolepsy, check out this guest post and our Healthcare Professionals With Narcolepsy video series.

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