Action Alert: Urge Your Representative to Join Pivotal Sleep Disorders Letter Today

Exciting News!

Congressman Adam Schiff, a champion for the sleep disorders community, is leading a congressional sign on letter asking the Appropriations Committee to include recommendations that encourage additional research and public health activities focused on sleep disorders. (Each year, Congress crafts annuals spending bills that provide federal funding for medical research including sleep disorders research. While Congress does not “earmark” specific dollar amounts for research portfolios, legislators can include committee recommendations that encourage research in a specific area.)

Our Big Moment & Quick Deadline

The more House Representatives signed onto the letter, the more likely the sleep-specific recommendations will be included. Your House Representatives will only join if YOU (their constituent) contact them, and their deadline is Tuesday, March 26th. Thus, reaching out today is imperative to start the process.

Take Action:

  1. To reach the staff member that handles healthcare (the Health LA) in your House Representative’s DC office, contact SRS’s advocacy staff, Dane Christiansen at or Julie Flygare of Project Sleep at (provide your address so we can identify your House Representative’s Health LA.)
  2. E-mail the Health LA, attaching this FY20 Sleep Disorders DC & Sign On Letter PDF with a message like the one below.
  3. Be persistent and follow up over the next two weeks (setting reminders on your phone can be helpful).


To: [Your House Representative’s Health LA’s Email]
Subject: Sign On Letter – Sleep Disorders

Dear [Staff Member’s Name],

My name is [your name] and I am a constituent from [hometown]. I am also an advocate for the sleep research and sleep disorders patient community. I hope your office will join the attached sign on letter, which supports the community’s committee recommendations for FY 2020. To join this letter, please contact Anthony Theissen in the office of Congressman Schiff at or x5-4176.

Thank you for your time and for considering this request.

[Your name and address]
Attachment: FY20 Sleep Disorders DC & Sign on Letter

Thank you for raising your voice for sleep and sleep disorders! 

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  • It is AMAZING to watch! Even a few voices will make the difference. We would ADD our story or what this means to us!


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