Narcolepsy Story Sharing: Meet Tre

Our Rising Voices Story Sharing Series continued with narcolepsy advocate Tre Burge! After experiencing symptoms throughout his childhood and teenage years, Tre was diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy at age 18. He now works to educate adults and the next generation about narcolepsy and other sleep disorders in positive, innovative ways.

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About Tre:

Tre Burge is a proud Iowa native and paraprofessional working with elementary school students with disabilities. He was diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy at age 18, and advocates for narcolepsy awareness through content creation, local outreach, and his clothing brand, SLEpPY. As a trained speaker with Rising Voices, Tre shares his unique perspective and lifts up others’ voices in hopes of reaching the right ears and inspiring action.
Find Tre’s narcolepsy awareness work and SLEpPY designs: @hefallsasleepshop
Cursive writing with gold sun - like bursts around it.

What is the Story Sharing Series?

The Rising Voices Story Sharing Series invites viewers to gather online to watch a Rising Voices trained speaker or writer present their story live via Project Sleep’s Facebook page.

About Rising Voices Speakers:

To improve public understanding of sleep disorders, Project Sleep’s Rising Voices program trains people with sleep disorders to share their stories through public speaking and writing with local communities, healthcare providers, news outlets, blogs and beyond. Combining the power of real-life stories with expert communication strategies, our Rising Voices trained speakers and writers are effectively raising awareness and reducing stigma for all those facing sleep disorders.

Spread the Word:

We’re excited to share these moving stories with you.  Watch all past storytellers now!

Please share with friends and family to raise awareness about narcolepsy and other sleep disorders!

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