Read Rising Voices of Narcolepsy’s Published Essays

Today, we are thrilled to highlight the published work of Rising Voices of Narcolepsy writers, Anna Marr and Timothy Stroud. Check out their essays and please share to raise awareness!

Laugh at Me, Not My Narcolepsy

Why I take sleep more seriously than I take myself

By: Anna Marr

“If you pop a home video in my dad’s dusty VCR, you’ll probably see my sisters and me, circa 2001, improvising news shows or performing trampoline parody concerts in our backyard. That’s all I did as a kid in small-town Ohio: live off making them laugh…”

Narcolepsy is only the Beginning

The confusing joy of being diagnosed with narcolepsy

By: Timothy Stroud

“Growing up in a small farm town in Illinois, I always wanted to stand out and be known for something, but I was incredibly shy and self-conscious about everything. I considered myself to be a good kid and student, mostly because I kept to myself and wouldn’t make waves. When I was in high school, I started experiencing bouts of exhaustion and having difficulties waking up…”

Get Involved

Rising Voices of Narcolepsy is Project Sleep’s leadership training program to help people with narcolepsy effectively share their stories through public speaking and writing. Applications for the summer 2018 writing and speaking sessions are open until April 15, 2018.

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