World Narcolepsy Day Story Sharing: Chiara in Argentina!

In celebration of World Narcolepsy Day (Sept 22), we traveled to Buenos Aires! Rising Voices speaker Chiara Buzzelli shared her narcolepsy story to raise awareness and fight stigma in Argentina, where there is little understanding or support for people living with this chronic neurological condition.

Watch Chiara’s Story:

About Chiara:

Chiara Buzzelli is an occupational therapist in Argentina who loves handcrafts. She was diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy at age 22, and is now a speaker with Project Sleep’s Rising Voices program. Chiara shares her story to increase public awareness and understanding of narcolepsy in Argentina, where very little is known about sleep disorders, and diminish narcolepsy stigma.

What is the Story Sharing Series?

The Rising Voices Story Sharing Series invites viewers to gather online to watch a Rising Voices trained speaker or writer present their story live via Project Sleep’s Facebook page.

About Rising Voices:

To improve public understanding of sleep disorders, Project Sleep’s Rising Voices program trains people living with sleep disorders to share their stories through public speaking and writing with local communities, healthcare providers, news outlets, blogs and beyond. Combining the power of real-life stories with expert communication strategies, our Rising Voices trained speakers and writers are effectively raising awareness and reducing stigma for all those facing sleep disorders.

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